CO2 shortage threatens beer

A crisis in the supply of industrial carbon dioxide has created chaos in the American craft-beer industry, New Orleans brewer Jacob Landry said on “Fox & Friends First” on Wednesday morning.

“Carbon dioxide is pretty critical during lots of different stages of the brewing process,” said Landry. “We need it in order to push beer from tank to tank. We need it in order to package our beer and ensure that oxygen doesn’t get it in it, which will degrade the beer.”

The problem stems from one of the nation’s largest gas production hubs in Mississippi called the Jackson Dome. It’s a natural source for CO2, and it’s something that many breweries use. The gas being pumped from the dome contains elevated levels of hydrocarbons and benzene, the brewer told “Fox & Friends First.”

Authored by  and originally published at FOX Business on 10 August 2022 here.

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