CO2 Coalition Comment: SEC Proposal on Climate Change Disclosures

“The Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) proposal to require that businesses take extraordinary measures to account for climate risks is based on a false premise that there is a climate emergency because emissions of carbon dioxide from human activity threaten Earth with catastrophic warming. None of this is so.

In fact, carbon dioxide is a beneficial gas absolutely necessary for life. More of it is good, as can be seen in an overall greening of Earth and record crop harvests that have paralleled modest warming and increasing CO2 levels in recent decades. Predictions of dangerous warming are based on flawed climate models and exaggerations of carbon dioxide’s potency as a greenhouse gas. In agreement with this view are many scientists, including the 95 members of the CO2 Coalition based at Arlington, Virginia.

Even if one accepts the gloomy forecasts of global warming, says Stuart Kirk, former Head of Responsible Investments at the UK bank HSBC, ‘Climate change is not a financial risk that we have to worry about’.”

This was originally posted here by the CO2 Coalition on June 13, 2022.

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