A Record Decline In CO2 Emissions in 2020

“[Gl]obal energy demand fell by an estimated by 4.5% in 2020. This is the largest annual decline since the end of World War II. The plunge in energy demand was the largest factor behind the estimated 6% decline in global carbon dioxide emissions in 2020, which was also the largest such decline since World War II.”

“Global emissions of carbon dioxide in 2020 were 32.3 billion metric tons. When BP began reporting on carbon dioxide emissions in 1965, that number was 11.2 billion metric tons. In 55 years, the world has tripled its carbon emissions.”

“Regionally, Asia Pacific is responsible for the largest share of carbon dioxide emissions, with more than double the combined emissions of the U.S. and the EU. The Asia Pacific region is home to both China and India[.]”

“Although all three regions saw a decline in carbon dioxide emissions in 2020, China – the world’s largest carbon emitter — was one of a handful of countries to see a year-over-year increase in carbon emissions.”

Originally published here at Forbes on 23 July 2022.

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