Morten Jødal

About The Member


Cand. real in biology (≈Master), University of Oslo, 1985. Thesis in marine biology.



English – at a professional level

French – at a conversation level


Positions of trust (latest)

  • Head of the board of the Norwegian Biologist Organization (until May 2008)
  • Secretary of the European Countries Biologist Organization (ECBA), 2006-2008
  • Head of the board of “Stangodden Vel” ( – a union of cabin owners in Telemark, 2007 →
  • Head of the board of “Krokans venner” (, 2011 → 2014
  • Head of the board of Farmers marked, Oslo, March 2013 ® 2016
  • Member of board of Farmers shop, 2013 ® 2016
  • Head of board of Climate Realists in Norway, 2018 ®


Work experience

Norwegian Research Council, 1985-1989. Responsible for research in biology, chemistry, environmental research, gene technology, acid rain and fish farming.


University of Oslo, 1989 – 1994. Wrote the report which lead to the raising of the Centre for Development and the Environment (1989), and later worked as head of the administration.


WWF Norway: Wrote the book: Consequences of a EU membership for the nature conservation in Norway (1994). Later headed a school project on nature conservation (1995).


Project manager for a school project in the European Movement in Norway (1998-2000)


Project manager for raising a national park museum in Tinn municipality, opened 2000 (1996-2000)


Owner of the individual enterprise “Soppgleder”, giving public mushroom courses every autumn, plus collection, production and sales of mushroom products.


Running the business “Akerselvavandring” (; guiding along the Akerselva river in Oslo, and giving lectures on the same river. 2008 →


In short: Administration and project management, with experience from research, environment, tourism and politics. Author, translator of books and articles, and election observer.



  • Book: Consequences of an EU membership for the nature conservation in Norway (1994)
  • Book: Boabob – The strangest tree in the world. Omnipax publishing house, 2007.
  • Encyclopedia writer in Botany – VSOY publishing house (Finland). Last book published in December 2008
  • Book: Akerselva (river in Oslo), Topografisk publishing house, 2005
  • Book: Miljømytene. Published 2017


  • Book on reindeer husbandry and environment in Finnmark, Fagbokforlaget (2015).


  • From English to Norwegian. Cool it, by Bjørn Lomborg, Kagge publishing house, August 2008.
  • From English to Norwegian: Inconvenient Facts, by Gregory Wrightstone. Wigestrand publishing house, 2020
  • From English to Norwegian: False Alarm, By Bjørn Lomborg. To be published by Wigestrand publishing house, 2021.
  • Also books from Swedish and Danish, to Norwegian.


  • Video production for the Norwegian Tourist Association (July, 2008)
  • Permanent outdoor exhibition, 2007

Project manager

  • Several conferences in the Norwegian Biological Association (Environmental pollution and marine life; 2008, Bird flue; 2006, Gene technology – an arena of possibilities; 2004, Science and superstition; 2001)


  • Arranged the 2-days conference: Natural Variability and Tolerance, Oslo, October 2019 (Climate Realists of Norway)


Election Observations

  • STO in Ghana 2008/2009 (EU EOM)
  • LTO in Tanzania/Zanzibar 2005 – (NORDEM – Norwegian Observer Group)
  • LTO in Malawi 2004 (EU EOM)
  • LTO in Nigeria 2003 (EU EOM)
  • STO in Bangladesh 2001 (UNEAS)
  • Local observer in Rwanda, 2001


Foreign countries experience

Inhabitant in Rwanda: 2000-2002


Lost positions of trust

2008: Head of Norwegian Biologist Organization

2016: Head of board of Farmers marked Oslo

Both positions lost on basis of engagement in the climate debate in Norway – obviously on “wrong side”.