Thriving Tigers | Climate Chronicles

Every single day, a cacophony of journalists, climate activists, and climatologists alert us to some new consequence of the ostensibly catastrophic warming of the atmosphere. For example, we’ve heard endless warnings about the impending destruction of animal ecosystems, and tiger populations around the world have been victims to the doomsayers’ myriad, flimsy prophesies. Despite this,… Continue Reading

India Farms Flourish with CO2 | Climate Chronicles

Contrary to what the media, climatologists, and activists are saying, man-made climate change is not wreaking havoc on food production – in fact, we’ve seen an increase in agricultural output in the past few years. Not convinced? Then watch this most recent episode of the Climate Chronicles series. Continue Reading

Jayaraj Q & A for “Green Energy and Exploitation” Panel

CO2 Coalition Research Associate Vijay Jayaraj appeared on an expert panel discussing “Green Energy and Exploitation” at the 15th International Conference on Climate Change. Here he provides excellent responses to two questions from conference attendees. Continue Reading

Interview: Vijay Jayaraj on the Tom Nelson Podcast


Vijay Jayaraj Interviewed on Tom Nelson Podcast

From Vijay Jayaraj on Twitter: @VijayJayaraj_CC on the enormous benefits of coal-fired electricity in India: This 1-minute clip should be required viewing for climate scam believers. They think they’re heroes for blocking coal power in places like India, but actually they’re villains.     Continue Reading

India Experiencing the Benefits of CO2

CO2 Coalition Research Associate Vijay Jayaraj lives in India, where agriculture is thriving. In his documentary, Jayaraj interviews local Indian farmers displaying their abundant yield, which exposes the false narrative that climate change is inhibiting crop production. Continue Reading

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