Spending Tons of Money to Reduce Inflation? Not So Much!

Author/geologist and CO2 Coalition Executive Director Gregory Wrightstone discusses what’s in this new tax hike law and the reality of “Climate Change” on the Joe Pags Show.¬† Published¬†August 18, 2022 Spending Tons of Money To Reduce Inflation? Not So Much! (rumble.com) Continue Reading

Wrightstone with Joe Pags – Biden’s Policies on Climate Make No Sense

Exec Dir of the CO2 coalition – Gregory Wrightstone drops some knowledge on the state of the climate, amount of CO2 and what it means historically. Biden’s Policies on Climate Make No Sense Continue Reading

Gregory Wrightstone on The Joe Pags Show

Executive Director of the CO2 Coalition, Gregory Wrightstone, joins The Joe Pags Show to discuss federal spending on the “climate crisis”. 3 new bills include massive subsidies for “green energy”. Will this really help Americans? Continue Reading

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