ENB #64 Gregory Wrightstone – The Inconvenient Facts, The CO2 Collation, and Once Upon a Time; A true story about the miracle molecule.

“Today on the ENB podcast episode #65 we have Gregory Wrightstone stopping by and we covered the facts, and his book The Inconvenient Facts. This is the second time that I was fortunate enough to have Gregory on my podcast.

Gregory was also nice enough to show us the brand new book from the CO2 Coalition. it is ‘Once Upon A Time; A true story about the miracle molecule. Carbon Dioxide.’ The book is a fun comic book-style educational tool for kids. I highly recommend reading the book to your kids on a family night. Education of our kids is important, especially when you can use facts to make points. The energy sector has not always done a good job of educating people about the good things that fossil fuels can help elevate the world’s population out of poverty.

Now the climate activists say one thing, and don’t let you talk, and personally, it does not matter to me what energy we use. Wind, solar, nuclear, fossil, and hydro are all on the table, but let’s get the lowest cost kWh to consumers with the least amount of impact on the environment. It was funny on the podcast when I was saying that renewable energy also emits large amounts of CO2, and Gregory calmly replies; ‘Stu CO2 is not bad, so it is ok to use them’. We have to change our mindsets and talk to each other about our opinions and use facts. It makes it tough when only one side of a discussion showed up with an open mind.”

Originally published here at Energy News Beat on 24 July 2022.

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