BBC Polar Bear Propaganda Melts Under Analysis

by Vijay Jayaraj A recently released BBC documentary, Frozen Planet II, renews claims that polar bears are destined to doom due to melting Arctic sea ice and calls for “immediate action.” “David Attenborough returns with another epic exploration of the world’s frozen regions…you’re weirdly sad that a polar bear can’t hunt seals because of the melting… Continue Reading

Nord Stream Blasts Point to Coal and Oil as European Solution

by Vijay Jayaraj The apparent sabotage of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines designed to carry Russian natural gas to western Europe is but the latest blow to the energy security of millions of the continent’s citizens. Europeans already were facing a cold winter as a result of “green energy” polices that denied them… Continue Reading

Colonialism Reappears in Africa with a Woke New Spin

by Vijay Jayaraj Many people read history to understand colonialism — how it looked and felt. However, for those in the Third World colonialism is a living experience, courtesy restrictive energy policies forced upon them by Western political leaders. This modern form of enslavement — to the West’s so-called green agenda — is variously known… Continue Reading

Euro energy crisis: A rare opportunity to recalibrate priorities?

by Vijay Jayaraj At least one developed economy is waking up from an energy slumber induced by the obsession with climate change. The new prime minister of the UK is seemingly leaving no stone unturned in her pursuit of energy liberation by appointing climate-skeptic ministers. Given the decade-long dominance of anti-fossil fuel policies in the… Continue Reading

Jayaraj: India, China Emissions Make Mockery of Western Policies

by Vijay Jayaraj Amidst the European energy crisis, it’s easy to miss other events that are of significance to the discussion about the climate-change movement. Among them are a series of setbacks to green policies in China and India. These countries — representing three billion people — have delayed implementation of renewable energy commitments and… Continue Reading

Denying Access to Energy: The New Normal?

by Vijay Jayaraj Whether it’s a hot Colorado summer or a cold United Kingdom winter, the misery of “green” policies becomes an everyday reality as hapless consumers are denied access to energy. When state lawmakers and energy providers choose to increase “renewable” technologies in their energy mix, the inevitable results are grid instability, power shortages,… Continue Reading

European Leaders Cling to Green Fantasy as Citizens Suffer

By Vijay Jayaraj There is being caught between a rock and a hard place, and then there’s Europe. The continent’s squeeze between a severe energy shortage and a policy of phasing out fossil fuels — the world’s most widely available energy source — got tighter Sept. 2 when Russia’s Gazprom stopped its natural gas supply… Continue Reading

JAYARAJ: Climate Change Transformed India Into An Agricultural Superpower — Just Ask My Grandparents

By Vijay Jayaraj My grandparents survived a nationwide famine in the 1960s that pushed many Indians into abject poverty. Little did they know then that they would go on to become farmers producing some of the best rice and coconuts on the planet. Starting with purchases of small paddies, my grandparents supplemented income from professional… Continue Reading

European Energy Crisis Product of Unacknowledged Policy Failures

By Vijay Jayaraj Electricity prices in the European market have reached unprecedented levels, rendering millions with an uncertain future. Though the Ukraine-Russia conflict and the subsequent ban of Russian gas has been blamed for the ongoing crisis, the real reason for the catastrophe is the embrace of green policies by leaders who refuse to acknowledge… Continue Reading

Green Policies Creating an Uncertain Future

Vijay Jayaraj – August 18, 2022 Restrictive energy policies have the world staring at an uncertain future. Advanced globally by undemocratic institutions like the United Nations and embraced to varying degrees by numerous national leaders, fanciful but dangerous commitments to eliminate emissions of carbon dioxide are contributing to energy shortages and inflation. Though the COVID-19… Continue Reading

BBC claims climate change is killing Australia’s mangroves: The facts say otherwise

Jim Steele – August 15, 2022 I want to thank Dr. Alan Longhurst for alerting me to the BBC’s fearmongering. He requested that I address the media’s perversion of science. Dr. Longhurst (now 97 years-old) is one of the world’s premiere oceanographers, inventor of the Longhurst-Hardy Plankton Recorder, served as the first Director of the… Continue Reading

Southeast Asia at Energy-Climate Crossroads

Vijay Jayaraj – August 10, 2022 Southeast Asia is at the crossroads of choosing between a climate agenda hostile to fossil fuels and the energy security its population desperately needs. Central to the question is the use of coal. The fuel is especially critical in the production of electricity for the 700 million people of… Continue Reading

Nigeria’s Energy Poverty Sustained by Hypocritical Green Lobby

By Vijay Jayaraj – July 27, 2022 It is a busy Wednesday morning in Nigeria as business folk are forced to choose between trying to operate without electricity or buying expensive — and increasingly scarce — gasoline to power backup generators. Poor households have no choice because they cannot afford generators. Such is the situation… Continue Reading

End Carbon Imperialists’ Impoverishment of Africa

By Vijay Jayaraj – July 27, 2022 When citizens in London, Vienna, and Berlin are at risk of blackouts due to energy shortages, their governments turn to coal-fired plants to rescue them. We witnessed this as the Russian gas embargo forced European states to suppress their revulsion to coal — a bit like a produce… Continue Reading

Rebutting the IMF’s Carbon Arbitrage Scheme

By Lars Schernikau – July 21, 2022 The International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently issued a draft paper called “The Great Carbon Arbitrage” making various points that are scientifically wrong or unsupported. Our member Lars Schernikau wrote to the IMF asking for clarification and explaining the scientific issues at hand. A reply from the IMF is… Continue Reading

The End of an Era – Vale Patrick Michaels

Author: Jennifer Marohasy | Published: Jennifer Marohasy Blog | Date: 20 July 2022   There was a time when it was possible to point out an error by way of a rebuttal published as a note in a scientific journal – even in the journal Nature, even when it went against the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming agenda.… Continue Reading

West Virginia Plaintiffs Resisted Tyranny; Others Must as Well

Author: Vijay Jayaraj | Published: RealClear Markets | Date: 14 July 2022   It’s 7:00 in the morning in Cape Town. A family of four awakes to a house without power, the same as when they went to bed eight hours earlier. South Africa is in the midst of a massive energy crisis where inadvertent blackouts… Continue Reading

Bogus DDT Scare Killing Thousands

Author: Vijay Jayaraj | Published: Townhall | Date: 12 July 2022   I am glad to be alive after a bout with dengue fever. But many across the world are not so fortunate. More than 4000 die each year due to dengue, a severe mosquito-borne disease. It all began 10 days ago with intense fever. My… Continue Reading

Coal: Europe’s Security Blanket, Third World’s Necessity

Author: Vijay Jayaraj | Published: American Thinker | Date: 28 June 2022 How many lives do European coal plants have? Nobody knows. But by now, most of the world understands that Europe’s reliance on coal is no longer deniable. In a time of global energy instability featuring an embargo on Russian energy, the EU’s wealthiest… Continue Reading

Coal-Fired Dragon Ignores Climate Zealots

Vijay Jayaraj – June 16, 2022 China has once again shrugged off global calls for reductions in fossil fuel emissions by reaffirming its commitment to produce and consume more coal than ever. Developments in the coal sector during the past six months indicate that the dragon is determined to avoid a repetition of 2021, when… Continue Reading

Indian Coal Makes Electricity as Wind Farms Sit Idle

Vijay Jayaraj – June 7, 2022 Amidst the clamor surrounding the intensive use of coal in China and India, one may not realize that these nations have some of the world’s largest renewable energy installations. In fact, I hail from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu which is often compared to Scandinavia for its large… Continue Reading

South Africa: Warmism creates blackouts

Vijay Jayaraj – June 6, 2022 South Africa — supposedly one of Africa’s advanced economies — is reeling under severe power shortages and daily rolling blackouts — some for as long as eight hours. In May, most households, commercial buildings, and industries experienced hours of blackouts. The South African state-run power utility ESKOM supplied no… Continue Reading

India’s “Bad Boys” Reopen 100 Coal Mines as Demand Skyrockets

Vijay Jayaraj – June 1, 2022 Political leaders of developing countries face constant pressure to generate enough electricity for their populations as they are being asked to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. In a bold and rebellious move, India has ordered reopening more than 100 dormant coal mines to meet skyrocketing domestic power demand. The… Continue Reading

Shunning Reliable Energy Sources Increases Energy Poverty

Derrick Hollie and Vijay Jayaraj – May 26, 2022 Many Americans have felt inflation’s sting as it climbs to 8.5% — the highest level in over 40 years. This has increased the cost in housing, heating, food and everyday expenses — causing many to live paycheck-to-paycheck while others look for creative ways to cut cost wherever… Continue Reading

Biased Reporting Overheats Climate Fear, Ignores Cold

By Vijay Jayaraj – May 23, 2022 It was a cold May night for many in the city of Bengaluru, India.  The mercury dipped to 52 degrees Fahrenheit, a low not witnessed during the last 50 years. The same week, some Indian cities made global headlines not for unusual cold but for extreme heat. Followers… Continue Reading

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