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Joseph Bender


Dr. Joseph Bender is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Dairy Production Medicine at the Center for Animal Health and Productivity at the University of Pennsylvania School Of Veterinary Medicine – New Bolton Center.  Dr. Bender received his Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Findlay (2003) and his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Master’s Degree (Preventive Medicine) from Iowa State University (2010).

Since arriving at PennVet in 2013, Dr. Bender’s area of concentration is providing on farm consultation to dairy farmers throughout Pennsylvania to improve production, profitability, and well-being for both dairy cattle and producers.

Dr. Bender lectures in several courses focusing on production medicine, animal health economics, and global food security.  Primary interests and research areas include dairy farm management, crop yields/strategies, dairy nutrition and reproduction, environmental stewardship, cash flow analysis, and cost of production economics.


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