What do we really know about the IPCC?

Yet again, tipping points have threatened and failed to materialise. In 1972, the first UN Environment Program director gave the planet 10 years to avoid catastrophe. In 1982 the UN gave a date of 2000. By 1989, the UN had brought this forward to 1992. Prince Charles has submitted various ‘end of the world’ scenarios. In 2010, he gave us 8 years. In 2018, we had only 18 months left to save the word. …

The IPCC was founded in 1988 in large part due to the contribution of Maurice Strong. Strong was a paradox, existing as a socialist oil billionaire with an underlying agenda of wealth redistribution. He had previously been involved in the establishment of the UN Environment Program and served as its director. After getting tangled in the Iraqi ‘oil-for-food’ program in 2005, (of which he was cleared of any wrongdoing) Strong resigned from the UN in 2006. Strong died in 2015. Maurice Strong was one of the original catastrophists, arguing in 1972 that we had just 10 years before irreversible Climate Change occurred. …

With each gathering, the warnings of extreme heat, sea-level rise, floods and droughts, cyclones, and ice-melt are increasing, but even the IPCC now admits to overstatement as their computer models have failed to deliver the predicted outcomes. With the apocalyptic predictions recognised as unreliable, the need for more media sensationalism becomes is increasingly necessary to maintain the fervour.

Originally published here by Spectator Australia on 19 July 2022.

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