Video: The Global Mean Temperature Anomaly Record


Can temperature records be misleading? Many people think that the commonly cited “global mean temperatures”, often used for setting climate policy for things like GHG reductions and carbon taxes, are precise temperature measurements – but this is not true. The “global mean temperature anomaly” is an average of many temperature station data, which is compared to similar averaged data in a set period of time (usually 30 years). The outcome, especially in how temperature graphs are presented, is quite misleading to the public and policymakers. This video is a reading of a publication written by Dr. John Christy and Dr. Richard Lindzen, originally published by the CO2 Coalition. The paper offers important insights on how global warming is presented in a manner that is skewed, showing that there’s no climate crisis. Here is the original paper: https://co2coalition.org/publications…

This article was posted on the Friends of Science YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpieaeTxN7I


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