The Church Of Climate Change

When you look at climate alarmists, there are really only two options: they either don’t know what they’re talking about, or they’re lying.

The “Little Boy Who Cried ‘Wolf’”-like cries of “existential threats” brought on by climate change would be hilarious, if it wasn’t for the disastrous impact from misguided actions to “fix” the problem. However, the fable about a youngster fabricating an emergency time and again isn’t that far off from today’s climate-change evangelists; they both need to recognize their stories are quickly losing credibility.

In fact, when it comes to their own warming warnings, they don’t even agree with themselves. Here’s a sampling of their recent wolf cries, see if you notice a pattern:

  • “Australia is Heating Up Faster Than the Rest of the World!” reads the story’s headline in Popular Science.
  • “Africa is Warming More, and Faster, Than Rest of World” is the finding from a report published on com.
  • “China Heating Up Twice as Fast as the Rest of the World!” a headline from ChinaDaily reads.
  • Even Israel wants to get into the act. “Israel Warming Up Almost Twice as Fast as Rest of World, Data Shows,” according to Ynet News.
  • And if the Arctic is warming two to four times as fast, what about its often-forgotten opposite? “South Pole Warming Three Times Faster than Rest of Earth” declares Phys.org.

Authored by and originally published at the Daily Caller on 13 August 2022 here.

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