Stop ‘Authoritarian Climate Governance’ Before It is Too Late

“If COVID has taught us anything, it is that the technocratic class has little compunction about restricting freedom. Moreover, once they grab power, they are very reluctant to give it back.

But our would-be overlords have one big problem. The pandemic that they argued justified restrictions on individual liberty will eventually ebb. So, the search has been on for the next great excuse to limit liberty.

It is increasingly clear that the ‘climate crisis’ will fill that role. The beauty part—from the points of view of these want-to-be potentates—is that global warming is an evergreen, by which I mean, the purported emergency will not fade any time soon no matter what policies are enacted. If the power granted to public health authorities during COVID is also ceded to climate change warriors, it would become an authoritarianism without a foreseeable end.”

Originally published here at Discovery Institute on 4 January 2022.

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