Scientists Develop Cosmetic Cushion Made of CO2

DAEJEON, Sept. 15 (Korea Bizwire) — South Korean researchers have developed a cosmetic cushion using carbon dioxide (CO2).

The Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (KRICT) announced on Monday that it had developed a polyurethane cosmetic cushion and a heat-insulating building material using CO2, in collaboration with two local companies, Pusan National University and Inje University.

The KRICT developed the catalytic process for propylene carbonate that is a basic monomer material, an ingredient for polyurethane material, by using CO2.

Propylene carbonate is an ingredient of polyol that, in turn, is a component of polyurethane.

The KRICT produced and provided polyol to plastics manufacturing company Foam Works and chemical products manufacturer KPX Chemical as part of a pilot project.

By using the polyol, Foam Works developed a cosmetic cushion (smooth polyurethane foam) and KPX Chemical a heat-insulating building material (hard polyurethane foam).

Propylene carbonate can be used not only as an ingredient for polyol but also as an emulsifying agent for cosmetics and an electrolyte for secondary batteries.

This article appeared on The Korea Bizwire website at http://koreabizwire.com/scientists-develop-cosmetic-cushion-made-of-co2/169388


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