Rethinking Climate Change: Are the Apocalyptic Models Wrong?

Climate activists propose that we embrace the argument that COis a pollutant as an article of faith without delivering compelling evidence. Noting that COwarms the planet by trapping heat in the earth’s atmosphere is an inept argument because warming has positive and negative effects. The strength of the green movement is predicated on the belief that warming is a deleterious activity that must be abated at all costs.

But this is a false proposition that fails to consider the ameliorative effects of global warming. Global warming is associated with the greening of the planet and rising biodiversity. In fact, NASA satellites have observed that the greening of the earth during recent decades has been considerable. Moreover, NASA even computed that the earth is greener today than in the 1980s.

And for all the discontent that warming has caused, a 2011 study by Roy Spencer and William Braswell found that the earth’s atmosphere is not as adept at containing heat as activists have suggested. Even more important is that recent research shows that climate models are overestimating warming.

Authored by Lipton Matthews and originally published at the Mises Institute on 22 August 2022 here.

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