Renewables: the deep end of the South China Sea

“There is a ‘green-rush’ on rare earths pushed by the so-called ‘climate friendly’ technologies of solar, wind, and battery power that require a menagerie of minerals to harvest ‘free’ energy. The world’s main motivation for tearing apart the sea floor is the pursuit of electric vehicles. Far from ‘loving the oceans’, the production of eCars is fuelling the exploration and mining of previously protected waters. The damage is estimated to be huge, permanent, and result in the extinction of species. …

There is nothing virtuous about a mining company that promotes renewables technology. They have simply decided to increase the value of cheap minerals through market manipulation. By embracing short-lived renewables first, mining companies can flog their entire mineral catalogue. …

China has played an even smarter game. Not only do they profit off their global domination in rare earths resources cornering 95 per cent of the industry, they manufacture and distribute renewables to the West giving Beijing dominance over foreign energy infrastructure.”

Originally published here at Spectator Australia on 28 June 2022.

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