Partners move closer to first-of-its-kind CO2-to-methanol plant

By Amanda Jasi

CIVIL engineering is now underway for a first-of-its-kind 110,000 t/y carbon dioxide (CO2)-to-methanol plant that will recycle industrial waste gases. This follows project partner Carbon Recycling International (CRI) achieving a major milestone by completing and delivering the process design package.

Known as the Anyang project, the plant will employ CRI’s emissions-to-liquids technology to recycle more than 160,000 t/y of CO2. It will be the first plant to employ CRI’s ETL technology.The low-carbon intensity methanol which is produced will be sold to the growing local chemical and transport fuel market. Methanol is a key feedstock in the chemical industry, as well as an energy source, and an emerging renewable energy resource.

Detailed design and fabrication of process equipment has begun. Technology company CRI will be responsible for delivering key components for methanol synthesis and support for the commissioning and startup of the plant. This includes training onsite staff.

Civil engineering is underway at the site of project partner Henan Shuncheng in Anyang, in the Henan province in China. Once the plant has been commissioned, operations will be handled through joint-venture company Shunli, which financed and owns the plant.

The Anyang project officially launched in 2020 and is on schedule, with commissioning and startup of methanol production expected before the end of the year.

In addition to the project, the completion of process design represents a milestone in the continued development of CRI’s proprietary emissions-to-liquids technology.

This article appeared on The Chemical Engineer website at https://www.thechemicalengineer.com/news/partners-move-closer-to-first-of-its-kind-co2-to-methanol-plant/


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