New CEI Poll: Four in Ten Americans Unwilling to Spend $1 Annually on Higher Gas and Electricity Prices to Mitigate the Effects of Climate Change

WASHINGTON – The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) released a new poll today, gauging the public’s views on energy issues and climate change as Congress considers new climate regulations and mandates, on top of trillions of dollars in new federal spending. The poll, conducted by CRC Research, is an online survey of 1,200 registered voters nationwide September 23-27, 2021 with a ±2.83 percent overall margin of error.

While a strong majority of respondents said they are either somewhat or very concerned about climate change (71 percent, up from 67 percent in a poll conducted in April 2021), respondents sent a strong message that they are unwilling to pay for climate change mitigation policies out of pocket. Thirty-nine percent said they would not spend one dollar more than they already spend annually on gas or electricity to mitigate the effects of climate change. A further nine percent said they would spend as much as $10 more per year on gas and electricity on account of policies to mitigate climate change.

This article originally appeared on the CEI website at https://cei.org/news_releases/new-cei-poll-four-in-ten-americans-unwilling-to-spend-1-annually-on-higher-gas-and-electricity-prices-to-mitigate-the-effects-of-climate-change/


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