Upcoming Climate Change Debate: Prof. Steven Koonin v Prof. Andrew Dessler

“Andrew Dessler and Steven Koonin will debate the resolution ‘Climate science compels us to make large and rapid reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.’ Dessler will take the affirmative, and Koonin will take the negative. Dessler is a Professor of Atmospheric Science at Texas A&M University and Koonin is a Professor of Civil and Urban Engineering at NYU, his background is in theoretical physics. … The debate will convene at The Sheen Center, 18 Bleecker Street in Lower Manhattan, at 6:30 pm East Coast time on Monday, August 15, 2022. Tickets are available to attend in person or to participate in the live stream. A recording of the event will also be available about a week after the debate.”

Originally published here at Andy May Petrophysicist on 30 July 2022.

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