Jordan Peterson Criticizes Climate Models. Is He Right?

“Dr. Jordan Peterson has upset climate change alarmists [last January] by claiming on the Joe Rogan Experience that long-range climate models aren’t accurate. … [H]e made valid criticisms that highly schooled and decorated climate skeptics have also raised. These include Nobel laureate Dr. Ivar Giæver, legendary physicists such as Drs. Will Happer and Freeman Dyson, and well-respected climate scientists such as Lindzen, Drs. Roy Spencer and John Christy. … The criticism is quite simple: In a complex system consisting of numerous variables, unknowns, and huge uncertainties, the predictive value of almost any model is near zero. This truism does not only hold for the climate but any sufficiently complicated system.”

Originally published here at Liberty Nation News on 31 January 2022.

And for more check out this other related post here at Climate Depot from 27 January 2022.

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