Facebook to be Attacked for Publishing the Truth About Global Warming

By Patrick J. Michaels, Senior Fellow, CO2 Coalition

On Wednesday, the House Antitrust Subcommittee is set to grill Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg because, among other things, it published an informed opinion on global warming that doesn’t comport with the Democratic Party’s belief that it is the most important issue ever. After all, Joe Biden says we only have nine years to prevent the destruction of the planet, so Facebook darned well better get with the program.

The item that began this informational pogrom was a simple little op-ed (I believe “op” is short for “opinion”) in the Washington Examiner last August, titled “The Great Failure of the Climate Models.”

That opinion, based upon my synthesis of a large amount of climate information, has just become fact.

An upcoming paper about to appear in the peer-reviewed journal Earth and Space Science, by Ross McKitrick and John Christy, shows that every climate model produced so far for the UN’s next climate report predicts far too much global warming to have occurred over the last several decades. Further, almost all the differences between the models and reality are highly significant.

However, if the House Antitrust Committee doesn’t like this fact, it is clearly free to express a false opinion about it. Zuckerberg would likely say “it’s a First Amendment thing.”


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