E&E Alarmist Article on Facebook's Climate Model "Fact-checking" Needs Its Own Fact-Checking

E&E News today published a news story backing the opinions of a partisan climate alarmist group that acts as a censor for opposing opinions on Facebook. (see How CO2 boosters’ op-ed slipped by Facebook fact-checkers)  

Dr. Caleb Stewart Rossiter, a climate statistician who directs the CO2 Coalition of climate scientists and energy economists that is fighting the censorship, responded that it is the E&E article that desperately needs fact-checking:  “About the only thing that is accurate in this opinion piece masquerading as news story is this statement: ‘climate models, which are the foundation used to craft many carbon regulations.’ Climate models indeed are the only thing justifying the array of mandates and subsidies for wind and solar power that are making energy prices four times as high as they should be.”  (See The Social Cost of Carbon and Carbon Taxes).   

Dr. Rossiter noted that the UN’s own reports show that there has been no statistically significant increase in rates of sea-level rise, hurricanes, droughts, and other extreme weather during the era since 1950, when industrial CO2 could first have affected global temperature (see Climate Statistics 101).

Said Rossiter,   “Why do Facebook’s censors go after anything we write about climate models? Because these models are the weak link in the alarmist narrative. These rough estimates based on pre-programmed warming assumptions continue to run three times too hot compared to actual temperature data.” (see On Climate Sensitivity).   


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