Do Jet Planes Warm the Atmosphere?

Recent evidence indicates the answer is “yes,” but largely not from CO2 emissions

By Patrick J. Michaels, Ph.D.

Climatologist Patrick Michaels says in his latest Science & Policy Brief:

Our CO2 Coalition’s Articles webpage recently linked to a new paper on global aviation and climate change, which seems very timely given that flying has been greatly affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the UN’s International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), passenger revenue loss to US airlines due to COVID-19 totaled $71 billion through September.  And worldwide passenger numbers are down around 60 percent. The big legacy carriers are nearing fatal financial trouble, which is likely to provoke a major debate about the future role of air travel.

Part of that debate will be over the contribution of aviation to global warming.  If the Biden/Harris team wins in November and takes the Senate, there will be tremendous pressure from the far left to commit the US to “net-zero” carbon dioxide emissions, and every time the government will have a chance to intervene on transportation, climate change will come up.


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