Basis for Biden Climate Plan Challenged by Experts

By Patrick J. Michaels

The Epoch Times cites a joint study conducted by Kevin Dayaratna from the Heritage Foundation and CEI senior fellow Patrick J. Michaels on endangerment findings:

Dayaratna also agrees with Happer’s assessment that CO2 has benefits that go largely unheralded.

“CO2 is a key element of photosynthesis and thus has agricultural benefits,” Dayaratna said. “In fact, we find that these benefits have been vastly understated in social cost of carbon modeling, which my co-authors and I have sought to address in a recently published peer reviewed research.”

Dayaratna is the co-author of a recent study with Patrick J. Michaels, a senior fellow with the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a libertarian think tank in Washington D.C., that makes the scientific case for the EPA to vacate its 2009 “endangerment finding” that enables the agency to regulate CO2.  Dayaratna and Michaels conclude that the endangerment finding is based on faulty modeling that should not be used to set regulatory policy.

The Epoch Times contacted the Biden campaign by email and asked if the campaign could clarify if Biden views CO2 as a dangerous pollutant and asked if the campaign could comment on the relationship between the task force recommendations and Biden’s “clean energy” plan. The campaign did not respond.

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This article appeared on the Competitive Enterprise Institute website at https://cei.org/content/basis-biden-climate-plan-challenged-experts


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