Aussies are feeling the heat too: from energy inflation

If you think the $5 corn cobs and $8 cauliflowers currently on the shelves of your fruit shop are expensive, just wait until the transport sector is dealing with Labor’s climate policy.

There will be many businesses that become unviable in an environment of even higher energy costs, and you can be sure it will be the people Labor have been historically able to take for granted that bear the brunt of the consequent job losses.

Despite the strain of high inflation, Labor insists upon policies that it knows will serve its union masters and wealthy elites at the expense of its traditional supporters. This is no longer the party of the working class. It is the party of vested interests, identity politics and feelings-over-fact.

Authored by and originally published at Sky News Australia on 9 August 2022 here.

Photo: Australian Parliament House in Canberra ACT

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