BBC: Switching Consumers to Green Energy Tariffs Without Asking Permission Increases Acceptance

By Eric Worrall

The BBC is excited that 80-90% of Swiss consumers are still on green tariffs, four years after power companies adopted expensive green energy as the default choice for consumers.

Climate change: ‘Default effect’ sees massive green energy switch

By Matt McGrath
Environment correspondent

When Swiss energy companies made green electricity the default choice, huge numbers of consumers were happy to stick with it – even though it cost them more. 

Four years after the switch, researchers found that around 80% of customers were still on green tariffs.

This “default effect” happened partly because people didn’t want the hassle of switching back to fossil fuels. 

The authors say the idea could have a big impact on global emissions of CO2.

…Read more: https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-56361970

I doubt 80% of Swiss are loving the idea of paying higher power bills, more likely most of them haven’t read the fine print. When bills went up four years ago, most of them likely just accepted power bill misery is a part of life in the green energy age, without realising there was an option to demand they switch back to their old tariff.

The obvious learning from the Swiss experience is you need to take a really close look at your power bills, see if there is an “optional” green tariff you can request be removed.

Having said that, it is very unlikely there is a way to fully escape the hideous cost of green energy in most jurisdictions. Even jurisdictions which offer regular or green energy tariffs, the “regular” energy price is almost certainly contaminated with at least some of the cost of installing and operating green energy systems.

This article originally appeared at the energy policy website Watts Up With That.


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