Lindzen: There’s No Climate Catastrophe

CO2 Coalition Member Prof Richard Lindzen was a guest on the Philip Davies YouTube channel @drphilipdavies discussing his work on IPCC and his concern for the mistaken narrative of Climate Alarmism and the way it will lead to the suffering of many.   Continue Reading

The Absurdity of the Conventional Global Warming Narrative

In April of 2022, Dr. Richard Lindzen presented a lecture on The Absurdity of the Conventional Global Warming Narrative. Dr. Lindzen summarizes his analysis below: The Universal ‘Scientific’ Narrative for Global Warming The greenhouse effect based on a one-dimensional radiative-convective model. i. Allows inclusion of CO2and the introduction of feedbacks. ii. Feedbacks are assumed –not… Continue Reading

Interview: Richard Lindzen on Climate Science from the Inside

CO2 Coalition Member Dr. Richard Lindzen offers his keen perspective of climate science in a recent interview with podcast host Tom Nelson. Continue Reading

Interview with Dr. Richard Lindzen: The rise of contemporary climatology

You can find out more about CO2 Coalition Member Dr. Richard Lindzen, Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, here. Continue Reading

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