Woody encroachment over 70 years in South African savannahs: overgrazing, global change or extinction aftershock?

...land uses (commercial ranching, conservation with elephants, conservation without elephants and communal rangelands) across a rainfall gradient in South African savannahs. Different directions of woody cover change would be expected... Read more Continue Reading

The temperature–CO2 climate connection: an epistemological reappraisal of ice-core messages

...parameters. As surprising as it might appear, the assumed forcing of climate by CO2 is inconsistent with both the major and minor features of the source data. Unless its fallacy can... Read more Continue Reading

Fire decline in dry tropical ecosystems enhances decadal land carbon sink

...retrieved through a Bayesian model-data fusion estimation of key parameters for carbon cycle and initial states of carbon pools22. Assimilated datasets consist of fire carbon emissions inferred from atmospheric CO... Read more Continue Reading

Climate Statistics 101: See the Slide Show AOC Tried, and Failed, to Censor

...parameters are also going to be wrong as well– they’re guesses. What a mess! And then the true parameters will change both cyclically and chaotically as the model is run... Read more Continue Reading

Why Climate Models Can't Guide Energy Policy: There are too many free parameters for the alarmist cooks to bake in!

...that finally gives us Von Neumann’s elephant using only four free parameters! And yes, makes it wiggle its truck with the fifth! Drawing an elephant with four complex parameters By... Read more Continue Reading

Abnormal climate response of the DICE IAM – a trillion dollar error?

...DICE-2013Ra climate module parameters are used, but only 0.45°C or 0.60°C when parameters based respectively on the Berntsen & Fuglestvedt or Boucher & Reddy models are used. [xxxv] In the... Read more Continue Reading

The ‘elephant in the room’ on Biden climate agenda

...Center, moderator Joseph Majkut, the group’s director of climate policy, referred to the infeasibility of the U.S. proceeding on a border adjustment without a domestic carbon tax as “the elephant... Read more Continue Reading

Benefits of increasing transpiration efficiency in wheat under elevated CO2 for rainfed regions

...1,000 kernel weight. All parameters were expressed on an area basis (m2). 2.3 The CAT-Wheat model The CAT-Wheat model originally calculated crop growth by a radiation use efficiency (RUE) approach... Read more Continue Reading

Weak El Nino Conditions Help Explain Recent Global Warmth

...the adjustable parameters requires changes in one or more of the other parameters in order for the model to remain reasonably close to the variety of observations. There is no... Read more Continue Reading

Assessment of climate change risk to the insurance sector

...for medium emissions scenarios. The AIR Report ignores the ‘elephant in the room’ that is of relevance to their target period to 2050: the Atlantic Multi-decadal Oscillation (AMO). A shift... Read more Continue Reading

Pastoralism may have delayed the end of the green Sahara

...as 28° N. These changes supported numerous Sahelian and aquatic animals, such as elephant, crocodile and fish12. Yet, debate is on-going over the rate of climatic deterioration at the end... Read more Continue Reading

Microbial Electrosynthesis: Where Do We Go from Here?

...colleagues, modeled the (inter)-dependence of some operating parameters [25], and current density and biofilm thickness on substrate concentration [26], while Enzmann and coworkers modeled some design parameters from their bubble... Read more Continue Reading

Early growth phase and caffeine content response to recent and projected increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide in coffee (Coffea arabica and C. canephora)

...weight were observed (Table 1; Fig. 4). Overall, by 12 months, Arabica, on average, showed a significant response to increasing [CO2] for several vegetative parameters; whereas robusta was insensitive to... Read more Continue Reading

Hurricanes, climate change, and social welfare: evidence from the Caribbean

...discount function. Assume a case where there are some violations along the distribution of hurricane damages x and y so that TSFD does not hold. However, define two parameters, 𝜖1T,... Read more Continue Reading

Stability of Ecosystem CO2 Flux in Response to Changes in Precipitation in a Semiarid Grassland

...parameters. The values of a and b indicate the quadratic and linear slopes of the response function. The optimal temperature (T0) at which NEE and GPP were the smallest and... Read more Continue Reading

Climate Religion versus Climate Science: Washington Post slurs legendary physicist, even in death.

...https://co2coalition.org/?s=four+parameters+elephant By now, of course, climate computer models have thousands of free parameters, which are estimates that modelers enter to create a “backfit” where the model runs close to the... Read more Continue Reading

New 80-Year Deep-Ocean Temperature Dataset Compared to a 1D Climate Model

...forcing I have in the model, then after readjusting the model free parameters to once again match the observed temperature trends, I get about 1.7 deg. C climate ECS. In... Read more Continue Reading

The relationship between economic growth and carbon emissions in G-7 countries: evidence from time-varying parameters with a long history

Abstract This paper re-investigates the time-varying impacts of economic growth on carbon emissions in the G-7 countries over a long history. In doing so, the historical data spanning the period... Read more Continue Reading

A CO2-induced Influence on Aphid Life Parameters

Paper Reviewed De Paulo, P.D., Pereira, E.J.G., Oliveira, E.E., Fereres, A. and Garzo, E. 2020. Indirect effect of elevated CO2 concentration on Bemisia tabaci MEAM1 feeding on Bt soybean plants. Journal of Applied Entomology, doi: 10.1111/jen.12822.... Read more Continue Reading

The Growth Response of Maize to CO2 across Two Generations

...one generation to higher CO2 levels.” Thus, it was their objective to examine the performance of various morphological and physiological parameters of maize (Zea mays) growth of a cultivar across... Read more Continue Reading

Vegetation structural change since 1981 significantly enhanced the terrestrial carbon sink

...the global carbon budget, although many studies showed the usefulness of LAI products in optimizing several ecosystem parameters16. To use this information beyond assessing vegetation greening/browning trend14, diagnostic models that... Read more Continue Reading

Michaels: Comments on the Fourth National Climate Assessment

...only produce too much warming. As a result, internal parameters that ultimately predict future climate are tuned to reproduce the global temperature history of the 20th century. Model parameters are... Read more Continue Reading

There Are Models And There Are Models

...the only ones fooled in this process. • The more tunable parameters a model has, the less likely it is to accurately represent reality. Climate models have dozens of tunable parameters.... Read more Continue Reading

Synthesis of stable and low-CO2 selective ε-iron carbide Fischer-Tropsch catalysts

...Table S3. Fitting parameters of the Mössbauer spectra of Fe/SiO2 catalyst. Table S4. Fitting parameters of the Mössbauer spectra of insufficiently reduced R-Fe catalysts. Fig. S1. In situ XRD patterns... Read more Continue Reading

Increasing atmospheric humidity and CO2 concentration alleviate forest mortality risk

...were obtained from a global database containing hydraulic traits of 866 species (47). Photosynthetic parameters were derived from a cross-species study (48). Stomatal optimization parameters were obtained based on a... Read more Continue Reading

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