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Darren Brady Nelson – Economics Associate

Bachelor of Economics (Hons), Master of Commerce (Law)

Economics Associate

Mr Darren Brady Nelson is a free-market economist and Australian-American dual-citizen who has worked in Australia, Canada, NZ, the UK and USA. Darren’s degrees are a Bachelor of Economics cum laude from the Australian National University (ANU), majoring in economic history, as well as a Master of Commerce magna cum laude from the University of New South Wales (UNSW), majoring in business law. His Bachelor thesis was on fiscal and monetary policy, whilst his Master thesis was on monopoly and competition regulation. He topped his class in a number of subjects such as Japanese Economy and Policy at ANU and Antitrust Law and Economics at UNSW.

Darren has 25+ years of experience in consulting, government, industry, media and think tanks: with the first 8 as an employee in the first two sectors; then the subsequent 17+ as a freelancer to all five sectors (mainly as a contractor-for-hire). Darren’s consulting experience includes the skills listed in the last paragraph. His government experience includes the countries listed in the first paragraph at federal, state and local levels. His industry experience includes banking, energy, justice, telecommunications, transport, water and vaping. His media experience includes Townhall USA and Sky News Australia. And his think tank experience includes the American Heartland Institute and LibertyWorks Australia.

Darren has written hundreds of online articles, blogs, papers, speeches, submissions and more. He has over 250,000 readers of his regular, provocative and popular LinkedIn posts and reposts regarding the interlinked Culture Wars, Economics Wars, History WarsScience Wars and Spiritual Warfare. He is also the published author of a 2017 book entitled the “Ten Principles of Regulation and Reform” available from Connor Court and Amazon.

Darren is well-versed in many economic schools of thought including his preferred Austrian, Chicago and Public Choice but also his non-preferred Neoclassical, Keynesian and Marxian. His skills besides economics include: accounting and auditing; cost-benefit analysis and regulatory impact; databases and indexes; economic and social history; events and fundraising; financial modeling and statistics; law and regulation; networking and stakeholders; pricing and valuation; popular and technical writing; project and staff management; proposals and sales; public and government relations; public speaking and speeches; quantitative and qualitative research; social media and websites; strategy and planning; theology and philosophy; plus much more like books, podcasts, radio and TV.

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