William Happer, Steven E. Koonin and Richard S. Lindzen’s Response to Judge William H. Alsup’s Tutorial Questions

The Court has invited a tutorial on global warming and climate change, which is set to occur March 21, 2018. The Court also identified specific questions to be addressed at the tutorial.  Pursuant to Civil L.R. 7-11, Professors William Happer, Steven E. Koonin, and Richard S. Lindzen respectfully ask the Court to accept their presentation… Continue Reading

The case for nixing the Paris Agreement

By William Happer ANALYSIS/OPINION: The United States should withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. For too long, well-meaning policymakers have been misled by propaganda, masquerading as science, that more atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) will harm the planet. Paris represents the culmination of this campaign. The pact extends into perpetuity, its very terms dispensing with the value of the supposedly… Continue Reading

Happer’s Statement: CO2 will be a major benefit to the Earth

Dr. William Happer Some people claim that increased levels of atmospheric CO2 will cause catastrophic global warming, flooding from rising oceans, spreading tropical diseases, ocean acidification, and other horrors. But these frightening scenarios have almost no basis in genuine science. This Statement reviews facts that have persuaded me that more CO2 will be a major benefit to… Continue Reading

Data or Dogma? Promoting Open Inquiry in the Debate over the Magnitude of Human Impact on Earth’s Climate

by William Happer Testimony before the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Space, Science and Competitiveness, December 8, 2015 I would like to express my thanks to Senator Cruz, Senator Thune, Senator Nelson and other members of this committee for inviting me to express my views at this hearing on climate science. My name is William Happer. I recently… Continue Reading

Fundamentals of Ocean pH

By Roger Cohen and Will Happer We are often told that CO2 released from burning fossil fuels will cause dangerous ocean acidification.  Actually the oceans will remain comfortably alkaline and hospitable to life for the foreseeable future. This brief note is a quantitative review of the physical chemistry of ocean pH.  High school chemistry and… Continue Reading

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