Statement on Virginia Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

CO2 Coalition praises Youngkin’s rejection of carbon tax

RELEASE: IMMEDIATE                 December 10, 2021

ARLINGTON, VA — The CO2 Coalition said Thursday that Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin’s pledge to discontinue the state’s participation in a multi-state carbon tax bespoke common sense and a vision for rational energy policy.

Mr. Youngkin’s promise would reverse the action of the outgoing Democrat administration of entering Virginia into a Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative that seeks to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide by making fossil fuels more expensive and less attractive to use to produce electricity.

Dr. William Happer, CO2 Coalition chairman, said” Virginians should be proud and grateful that Governor Elect Youngkin plans to free them from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. This ill-conceived pact would have damaged the environment and led to much more expensive and much less reliable energy supplies. It was all pain and no gain for the average Virginian.

“Even if Virginia managed to eliminate all CO2 emissions in the name of diminishing global warming, the warming avoided by 2100 is estimated to be 0.0038 degrees Fahrenheit — an amount too small to measure or to make any difference in the weather.

“Carbon dioxide is a harmless gas. Its effect on climate is minuscule while its importance to life is absolutely critical. Compared to the amount of carbon dioxide plants can use and compared to historical atmospheric concentrations, Earth of modern times is deficient in the gas.

“The natural warming and modest increase of CO2 in recent decades is helping to produce record crop harvests and an overall greening of the planet.”


Contact: Gregory Wrightstone, Executive Director CO2 Coalition



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