Equal Warming, 1900 to 1950 versus 1950 to 2018: Why the UN Knows the First Half was Natural (2020 April)

Mathematics and Statistics Professor Caleb Stewart Rossiter Helps You “Do the Math” of Logarithms CO2 has a logarithmic effect on temperature. Using log math, CO2 levels from 1950 to 2018 have 5.23 times the impact of levels from 1900 to 1950. That means there was no measurable warming from industrial CO2 emissions in the earlier… Continue Reading

5 Ways to Reduce Wildfire Risk in California

The CO2 Coalition presents a new publication series, Science & Policy Briefs, which summarizes issues that are addressed in more detail in our White Papers and Climate Issues in Depth papers. The first in this series,  5 Ways to Reduce Wildfire Risk in California, was written by Jim Steele and Genesis Torres.  Mr. Steele is… Continue Reading

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