Yougov Poll: Only 36% of USA Believe Humans are Mainly Responsible for Climate Change

2019 Yougov poll of climate opinions.h/t JoNova, GWPF; The USA are amongst the most skeptical of the countries surveyed (fourth from the bottom of believers).
International poll: most expect to feel impact of climate change, many think it will make us extinct In:InternationalScience & environment September 15, 2019, 2:00 p.m. New YouGov study of 30,000 people in 28 countries and regions uncovers noticeable differences in attitudes between East and West Climate change may never before have been as firmly fixed in the public consciousness as it is today. With campaigner Greta Thunberg set to speak at the UN’s Climate Action Summit, a new international YouGov survey uncovers attitudes to climate change across the world. Acknowledgement of mankind’s role in the changing climate is widespread That climate change is happening and that humanity is at least partly responsible is a view held by the majority across the world. Indians are the most likely to think that human activity is the main reason the climate is changing, at 71%. At 35% Norwegians and Saudi Arabians are the least likely to think this, although a further 36% and 48% respectively in each country think that humanity is partially responsible for the changing climate. … Read more: https://yougov.co.uk/topics/science/articles-reports/2019/09/15/international-poll-most-expect-feel-impact-climate
Its not all good news for US climate skeptics. There is another chart (see the yougov link above) which suggests slightly over half of US people surveyed think climate change will have at least “a fair amount of impact” on the economy, so there is concern. The survey also suggests that around 50% of people surveyed in the USA believe drastic changes are required to avert climate change, with an additional 15% supporting continuation of existing climate policies. I’m not sure how that view reconciles with the 36% who believe that humans are mostly responsible for climate change. JoNova raises concerns about the poll methodology. Scandinavian countries are highly skeptical of anthropogenic climate change, I found this surprising; for some reason I thought they were all activists. Greta Thunberg’s Sweden is third from the bottom of the list of climate believers. For some reason Canada doesn’t appear on the summary page. I had a look at the full report, Canada gets a few mentions but I didn’t find an explanation of why Canada’s opinions don’t appear in the summary.

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