The Globalist Climate Agenda is a Crime Against Humanity

“As for floating ice in the Arctic, which does not raise sea level when it melts, but does offer a cooling, reflective surface at the top of the world, inexplicably it is at a decade high. Vijay Jayaraj, writing for Principia Scientific, citing findings from both the Japanese Institute of Polar Research and the Danish Meteorological Institute, reported that ‘the extent of ice in the summer of 2022 has been greater than the 10-year average. On most days in July and August, sea-ice levels were above the 10-year average and significantly more than the previous few years.’”

From American Greatness

It would not be an exaggeration to say this is probably one of the most inverted takes on what is “dangerous” in the history of civilization. Not because anyone is against the concept of sustainability, but because sustainability as defined by Alan Jope is incredibly unsustainable. If he gets his way, he will destroy the world.

Jope, Clinton, the infamous Karl Schwab who heads the World Economic Forum, the ESG movement informally headed by Larry Fink of BlackRock (with over $10 trillion in investments), and all the rest who champion today’s prevailing globalist climate agenda are coercing nearly 8 billion people into an era of poverty and servitude.

The primary target of the “sustainability” movement is fossil fuel, the burning of which allegedly is causing catastrophic climate change. Heedless of the fact that fossil fuel provides more than 80 percent of all energy consumed worldwide, banks, hedge funds and institutional investors throughout the Western world are using ESG criteria (environment, social, governance), to deny the financing necessary to maintain or build new fossil fuel infrastructure.

The complete American Greatness article, originally published October 4, 2022, which quotes CO2 Coalition Research Associate Vijay Jayaraj, can be accessed here.


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