The Discovery Of Tree Trunks Under Glaciers 600 Meters Atop Today’s Treeline Date To The Last ICE AGE

glacial period. Tree trunks dating to the Early Holocene (between 10.6 and 6.2 thousand years ago) have been found about 350 meters higher than the modern treeline edge.  This suggests summer temperatures were between 2°C and 2.5°C warmer than today during the Early Holocene, when CO2 concentrations ranged between about 250 and 270 ppm. None of this paleoclimate treeline or temperature evidence correlates with a CO2-driven climate.

Ganyushkin et al., 2018     Full Paper

Samples of wood having an age of 10.6–6.2 cal ka BP were [the Early Holocene] found about 350 m higher than the present treeline. It seems that the summer temperature was 2.0–2.5 °C higher and annual precipitation was double that of the present-day.” “Buried wood trunks by a glacier gave ages between 60 and 28 cal ka BP and were found 600–700 m higher than the present upper treeline. This evidences a distinctly elevated treeline during MIS 3a and c. With a correction for tectonics we reconstructed the summer warming to have been between 2.1 and 3.0 °C [higher than today].” Image Source: Ganyushkin et al., 2018   This article appeared on the NoTricksZone website at http://notrickszone.com/2018/12/24/the-discovery-of-tree-stumps-under-glaciers-600-meters-atop-todays-treeline-date-to-the-last-ice-age/]]>

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