Scientists to Rebut Presidential Candidates’ Narrative of Climate Crisis at MSNBC Forum at Georgetown University

CO2 Coalition to Explain the False Claims Being Made by Climate Alarmists  Arlington, VA – Two scientists with the CO2 Coalition have been invited by the Georgetown University College Republicans to speak at “Climate Forum: A Rebuttal” at 7 pm on Thursday evening, September 19, in Healy 103. The event will come at the conclusion of the first of two days of the Climate Forum that MSNBC is sponsoring on the Georgetown campus. At the forum, Presidential candidates will each be given an hour to present their plans to address the “climate crisis.” The CO2 Coalition is an alliance of 50 climate scientists and energy economists who conclude that the data show that there is no climate crisis. As a result, they oppose the “Green New Deal” that would ban the use of the fossil fuels that power 80 percent of the U.S. and world economy. Appearing on behalf of the CO2 Coalition will be its Senior Fellow, Dr. Patrick Michaels, and its Executive Director, Dr. Caleb Stewart Rossiter. Michaels is the former president of the American Association of State Climatologists. He has 30 years of experience using the climate models that some politicians say predict future catastrophe. Rossiter is a former Democratic staffer in Congress who taught climate statistics and mathematical modeling for 15 years at American University. Dr. Rossiter explained the Coalition’s perspective: “We want the candidates and the students in the audience to hear that, according to the data collected by the UN, there has been no statistically significant increase during the past 100 years in such ‘crisis’ variables as the number of hurricanes and the rate of sea-level rise. We want them to hear that, according to NASA, industrial emission of carbon dioxide are greening the planet, increasing food production. There is no scientific reason to give up the cheap, reliable fossil fuels that people use for electricity, farming, heating, and transportation.”  ]]>

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