Renowned Physicist Freeman Dyson: “Theories Of Climate Are Very Confused”…”Models Are Wrong”!

[The most notable part of the documentary is the interview with Freeman Dyson, from 1:09:00 – 1:14:00] In his new documentary “The Uncertainty has Settled“, Dutch filmmaker Marijn Poels focuses on climate science and politics and found that the issue is in fact as controversial and as UNSETTLED as any issue could possibly get. The science climate change is far from settled and is in fact unsettled. The production of the film took Poels to a variety of locations from Manhattan to the Austrian Alps. The first part of the film depicts the plight of farmers in former East Germany (Saxony Anhalt), who are struggling to practice their livelihoods under the heavy burden of German agricultural regulation and market distortion that result from bureaucrats having decided that 0.01% of our atmosphere (man-emitted CO2) is a monumental problem. That’s the narrative the media and leading politicians keep ramming. But a number of skeptics doubt it, and so Poels investigates if this doubt is just right wind politics or if there is something really behind it. In the end he finds that the science is fully in dispute. Belief we can stop climate change “enormously egocentric” At the 38:00 Poels says that the [alarmist] Potsdam Institute refused to grant him an interview and so he set out for Hamburg to meet with climate scientist Hans von Storch, who is in the warmist camp. Von Storch confirms that climate change is real, man-made and is a problem that needs to be dealt with seriously. But he adds that the claim that we can “rescue” the climate is “nonsense” and characterizes the claim the individual can play a role on controlling climate as “enormously egocentric”. Later in the film (1:04:45) von Storch says he doesn’t see climate change as a danger, but as “a challenge” that he is not afraid of. CO2 as a climate driver “complete, delusional nonsense” Next astrophysicist Piers Corbyn tells Poels that the amount of man-made Co2 in the atmosphere is like a “tiny blob of birdshit” and calls the claim that this is causing the climate to change “complete, delusional nonsense”. Corbyn also believes the globe will see continued cooling until about 2035. He calls the datasets showing warming “frauds”. Freeman Dyson: Climate models “very dangerous game”…”they’re wrong” Next Poels makes his way to Princeton where he meets with “living legend” Princeton physicist Freeman Dyson, one of the leading skeptic voices on man-made climate change.

Dyson has harsh, critical words for climate science and the models they rely on (1:10:30). He calls the science of climate modeling a “very dangerous game”, adding:
When you work with a computer model for years and years and years – always improving the model – in the end you end up believing it. […] It’s very difficult to remain objective.”
Models “wrong”…”disagree with observations” On why we should not trust the models, Dyson says flat out: “Because they’re wrong. It’s very simple. They’re wrong.” Dyson says they “disagree with observations”. He then commented on modeling scientists:
Those people don’t look at observations. They are in a world of their own.”
“Scaring the public” The 93-year old Princeton professor also notes that although the models are “very good tools for understanding climate”, they are a “very bad tool for predicting climate” and that these scientists “live by scaring the public”. Climate theories are “very confused” Dyson continues:
Unfortunately the thing has become so political it’s no longer science when you have strong political dogmas, as you say, on both sides.”
Overall Dyson advises that we need to believe the observations and pointed out that “the theories of climate are very confused.” Herd, tribal mentality He also told Poels a large sociological part of the problem is that climate scientists have in large part gotten caught in herd and tribal mentality.
It’s still more important to belong to the tribe than to it is to speak the truth.”
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