‘Morning Joe’s’ Noah Rothman Urges Caution On Climate Change Report: ‘Should Be Looked On With Skepticism’

Trump has “given voice to” skeptical conservatives who don’t believe the government should craft policy on climate change and Rothman said they have a right to have reservations. “There’s also sort of a finer distinction, but one that is necessary too, which is that a projection of specific impacts is something we should look on with skepticism because it has been proven in the past that these projections of very specific impacts fail to meet expectations,” Rothman said. Rothman cited several incorrect climate predictions and said Trump is right to preach doubt and skepticism with regard to long-term forecasts. “The [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s] 1990 report was wrong on temperatures and rates of increase. The 2001 report was wrong about snowstorms being more or less intense than normal. And just last week we had a consensus opinion about oceanic temperatures rising, being retracted — not because of the rigors of peer review but because a skeptic with a blog observed and dissected the numbers and pointed out the errors in this collective judgement,” he said. “These projections, especially when it takes us literally a century out, should be looked on with skepticism,” he continued. “And the president says that in a very ornery way, but he’s not wrong about that skepticism.”]]>

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