Messer steps up to meet CO2 demands in Brazil

By Molly Burgess

Messer Americas has increased its carbon dioxide (CO2) supply capabilities for industrial gas customers in the South, Southeast and Midwest regions of Brazil to meet growing demands.

The industrial gas company confirmed its efforts yesterday (2nd March) in recognition of manufacturers in the animal protein, chemical, mechanical, healthcare, welding and beverage industries, all of which use CO2 on a regular basis.

Scott Latta, General Manager of Messer Brazil, commented, “Messer strives to reliably and safely meet the needs of a whole range of industries in a region that is in great need of this product and where the supply options are challenging.”

“This move to expand CO2 supply capabilities from Jandaia do Sul symbolises Messer’s commitment to continued expansion in the Brazilian market.”

“Jandaia do Sul offers good proximity to the main rail system in the north of Paraná, which facilitates logistical access to Curitiba, São Paulo, and the ports of Santos and Paranaguá, as well as the states of Mato Grosso do Sul and the entire South region.”

Messer Brazil today is one of the leading players in the nation’s industrial gases sector with 40 operational units across the country.

Messer was recognized in 2020 as the most innovative industrial Gas company in Brazil by Valor Inovação and as the best industrial gas company in Brazil by Época Negócios.

This article appeared on the Gasworld website at https://www.gasworld.com/messer-steps-up-to-meet-co2-demands-in-brazil/2020588.article


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