Hawaii Quits Coal in Bid to Fight Climate Change


“The last bits of ash and greenhouse gases from Hawaii’s only remaining coal-fired power plant slipped into the environment this week when the state’s dirtiest source of electricity burned its final pieces of fuel.

…In 2020, Hawaii’s Legislature passed a law banning the use of coal for energy production at the start of 2023. Hawaii has mandated a transition to 100% renewable energy by 2045, and was the first state to set such a goal.

But critics say that while ending the state’s dirtiest source of energy is ultimately a good move, doing so now is not. Renewable sources meant to replace coal energy are not yet on line because of permitting delays, contract issues and pandemic-related supply-chain problems. So the state will instead burn more costly oil that is only slightly less polluting than coal.

‘If you are a believer that climate change is going to end because we shut down this coal plant, this is a great day for you,’ said Democratic state Sen. Glenn Wakai, chair of the Committee on Economic Development, Tourism and Technology. ‘But if you pay an electricity bill, this is a disastrous day for you.'”

The complete Associated Press article authored by Caleb Jones on September 1, 2022 can be accessed here.



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