Governing Elites Pushing To Slash Emissions Are Disconnected From Reality, Experts Say

Governments have adopted sweeping emissions-reduction legislation in recent months that could have devastating consequences on the agricultural sector, as elites’ ignorance of economic realities fuels a myopic pursuit of the climate agenda, according to experts.

“The decision-makers are so far up the food chain, pardon the pun, that they are literally clueless about what it takes to produce food, including what inputs are needed and why; or how food is produced, harvested and distributed,” Indur Goklany, a [member of the Co2 Coalition], told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Leaders of the G7 wealthier democracies held an annual summit in June, where they reaffirmed their commitment to the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, including a provision to meet net-zero emissions standards by 2050. They cited an “urgent” need to address the “climate crisis,” referencing the “adverse effects of climate change and environmental degradation on peace, stability, and security.”

“Willingness to hop on to the Net Zero train has derailed all other priorities,” Vijay Jayaraj, a research associate at the Co2 Coalition, told the DCNF.

Authored by and originally published at the Daily Caller on 14 August 2022 here.


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