Four Questions on Climate Change

About the author GarthW. Paltridge DSc FAAis an atmospheric physicist andwas a chief research scientist with the CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research before his appointment in 1990 to the University of Tasmania as Director of the Institute of Antarctic and Southern Ocean Studies and (in 1992) as CEO of the Antarctic Cooperative Research Centre. He is currently Emeritus Professor at the University of Tasmania and a Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University. He is best known internationally for his work on atmospheric radiation and the theoretical basis of climate. He is a fellow of the Australian Academy of Science and a member of the Academic Advisory Council of the GWPF. This essay was previously published at www.judithcurry.com. It has been lightly edited. 1 Is the science of climate change ‘settled’? 2 What is the effect on climate science of public advocacy for the message of disastrous anthropogenic global warming? 3 What are the barriers to public dissemination of results casting doubt on the theory of disastrous AGW? 4 What are the implications for climate science of public acceptance of the idea that there is a ‘consensus among scientists’ on AGW? A pdf of this article is available here: PaltridgeFourQuestionsOnCCGWPF2018. This article appeared on the Global Warming Policy Foundation website at https://www.thegwpf.org/garth-paltridge-four-questions-on-climate-change/]]>

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