Fact Check: China’s Modern Climate Change Evidence

China is the fourth largest country in terms of geographical size and the largest in population size. Accordingly, human-induced climate change from greenhouse trace gases would be of major concern to China’s leaders. So, what does a fact check reveal of China’s modern climate change due to human CO2 emissions? Frankly, little, if any, emission impact on present climate change based on new Chinese peer-reviewed research. (click on charts to enlarge) The chart on the left represents a 341-year proxy temperature reconstruction for the southwest region of China. Clearly, unprecedented temperatures occurred during the mid- to late-1700s. This record shows that modern temperatures, which supposedly have been influenced by human emissions, are yet to rival temperatures from much earlier periods. Also, one can discern a cyclical pattern that the study’s scientists attributed to natural climate oscillations – trace greenhouse gases do not explain this periodical climate pattern. The chart on the right represents a 500-year streamflow analysis for a western region of China. Again, a pattern of constant change, from low to high to low, appears to be due to natural climate variations. The late-20th and early-21st-century observations seem remarkably similar to those in the distant past, suggesting that Co2 emissions are not a factor influencing streamflow. Fact Check: As these two studies from China indicate, modern industrial/consumer emissions from fossil fuels are not a major component of climate change. This research adds to the huge compilation of prior peer-reviewed studies that confirm modern climate change is not out of the ordinary, and highly likely due to natural causes, not human-induced as speculated by many.   This article appeared on the Climate Change Dispatch website at https://climatechangedispatch.com/fact-check-chinas-modern-climate-change-evidence/]]>

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