Discussion thread – Social Cost of Carbon

first announced in 2010. Three years later they were adjusted upward by a whopping 50% or so. Then too the SCC per ton damages are remarkably similar to the per ton carbon tax numbers that have been proposed in Congress. The SCC numbers come in a range, based on the discount rate used. The carbon tax proposals also come in a range and the two ranges are roughly identical. This suggests that the models have been tuned to match the tax proposals. Clearly the Trump Administration should try to rectify this situation, but it may not be easy. If they simply change the damage estimates, say by using a higher discount rate, then they are endorsing the absurdity. If they try to ban the use of the SCC, say via an Executive Order, they will run into the Court orders. Unlike Court orders, Executive Orders have no force of law; they are merely administrative. It may be that only Congress can ban the use of the absurd SCC. It certainly should.   This article appeared on the Climate Etc. website at https://judithcurry.com/2016/12/30/discussion-thread-social-cost-of-carbon/]]>

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