Consensus and Settled Science Claims Crumble as Evidence and Support Piles up for Presidential Review of Climate Change Dogma says Friends of Science

On March 18, 2019, a large group of scientists, policy experts and organizations sent a letter via the Heartland Institute, to President Trump, advocating their support for a Presidential review of climate change science and related policies, thus showing the consensus and settled science claims have crumbled, says Friends of Science Society.

The letter challenges efforts to block Presidential review, saying: “We suggest that climate science requires at least the same level of scrutiny as the engineering employed in building a bridge or a new airplane. We note that defenders of the climate consensus have already mounted a public campaign against the proposed commission. We find this opposition curious. If the defenders are confident that the science contained in official reports is robust, then they should welcome a review that would finally put to rest the doubts that have been raised. On the other hand, their opposition could be taken as evidence that the scientific basis of the climate consensus is in fact highly suspect and cannot withstand critical review.”

A recent lengthy interview with Dr. William Happer, published by gives an overview of the scientific disparities on the greenhouse gas theory of climate change and background on Dr. Happer, who is President Trump’s pick to lead the Presidential review. William Happer Interview

In the collaborative letter to the President, the authors decry the public attacks on Dr. Happer, saying: “We further note that opponents of the proposed commission have already stooped to making personal attacks on Dr. Happer. Many signers of this letter know Dr. Happer personally and all are familiar with his scientific career. We know him to be a man of high capabilities, high achievements, and the highest integrity.”

In a blog post on Climate, etc., of March 26, 2018, by Dr. Judith Curry, who also holds the view that carbon dioxide is not the control knob that can fine tune climate, she denounces the frequent claim of politicians and activists that say “I believe in science” – typically made by people who know nothing about climate science.

Since 2002, Friends of Science Society has been a defender of rational, dissenting views on climate change and related energy policies. Friends of Science has sponsored public events where qualified scientists, policymakers and authors can present their findings, as an effort to encourage freedom of scientific inquiry and open, civil public debate.

This year, Friends of Science Society will host Dr. Susan Crockford, research and author on polar bears and Dr. Willie Soon, astrophysicist who will explain new findings on solar influence on the Canadian climate.

Interviews with Dr. Crockford and Dr. Soon can be found in the Danielle Smith NewsTalk770 audio podcast library.

Dr. Crockford: Podcast

Dr. Soon: Podcast


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