"Climate-change experts seek dialogue with Gov. Abbott" – Dr. Neil Frank's Response

On January 25, 2019, CO2 Coalition member Dr. Neil Frank sent an open letter to Governor Greg Abbott of Texas. January 25, 2019 The Honorable Governor Greg Abbott, P.O. Box 12428 Austin, Texas Dear Governor Abbott: The Houston Chronicle recently (January 22th) published an article by Professor Andrew Dessler of Texas A&M suggesting he and 26 other climate experts brief you on the climate change controversy.  He strongly urged you “should listen to the facts and do the right thing”. Dr. Dessler offered as facts “storms (assuming he means tornados and hurricanes) will increase in frequency and intensity, high tides (caused by rising sea level) will flood ……coastal property by 2030, and extreme heat could result in an additional 1,300 deaths per year by the end of the century” (assuming he means increasing droughts). Governor Abbott, these are not facts!  They are projections of numerical models.  The numerical models that produced these results have failed every time they have been tested. Facts are determined by data and data nullify every item offered by Dr. Dessler as being a fact. Over the last 20 years there has been a decrease in tornados. 2018 was the first year since records began in 1950 that there were no violent tornados (ones with winds in excess of 160 mph).  Worldwide there has been a decrease in hurricanes since 1970.  In the U.S there has been an unprecedented lull in major hurricanes in recent years. Until Harvey in 2017, it had been 12 years since the most recent major hurricane. On the average the U.S. is hit by a major hurricane once every two years. The rate of rising sea level is around 8 inches per century and that has not changed in over 100 years.  Several studies show there has been no change in the number of droughts. In summary, people who believe that man is causing the earth to warm base their alarmist’s statements on projections from flawed numerical models while skeptics are motivated by facts determined by reliable historical data. One reason numerical models fail is because they have a strong built-in relation between CO2 and the earth’s temperature, yet data suggest CO2 is not a significant factor in the earth’s temperature. If this is true, numerical models project way too much warming. I have a power point presentation that explains the skeptic’s position and I would be honored to come to Austin and give a presentation to you or your staff. Sincerely, Dr. Neil Frank Former Director National Hurricane Center (1974-1987) Former Chief Meteorologists KHOU T.V. Houston (1087-2008)    ]]>

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