Biden admin decreasing US oil supply ‘under the name of climate change’: Former EPA administrator

“Andrew Wheeler, who headed the Environmental Protection Agency during the Trump administration, argued on Tuesday that the Biden administration has “done everything that they can over the last year” to decrease American production of oil and gas “under the name of climate change.”

Wheeler told “Mornings with Maria” on Tuesday that “one thing that’s buried in the ‘Build Back Better’ plan that most people don’t realize, [is] they [Democrats] put a new tax on a barrel of oil in there, a superfund tax on a barrel of oil, at a time when Americans are concerned about rising costs of gasoline at the pump.”

“The Biden administration and Nancy Pelosi are trying to tax oil even more,” he argued. “It just boggles the mind the way they are approaching this.”

This article was first published on the Fox Business website. To read more, click here.

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