Another New Study Finds The Canadian Arctic Was About 1-2°C Warmer During Medieval Times

Four reconstructions from the central and western High Arctic reveal July temperatures were about 1-2°C warmer than today during most of the 1st millennium and Medieval period (Tamo and Gajewski, 2019). A few years ago, a chironomid reconstruction of Boothia Peninsula in the Canadian Arctic (Fortin and Gajewski, 2016) revealed not only were today’s temperatures the coldest of the last 7000 years, but the last 150 years “do not indicate a warming during this time.”

Image Source: Fortin and Gajewski, 2016
The Canadian Arctic’s Baffin Island had 5°C warmer summer temperatures between 10,000 and 8000 years ago (Ilyashuk et al., 2011). Somehow the polar bears managed to survive this sea-ice-free period.
Image Source: Ilyashuk et al., 2011
Earlier this year, another Canadian Arctic reconstruction (Bajolle et al., 2019) was published indicating temperatures were about 2-4.5°C warmer than today throughout the last 8500 years. Only 3 records mark temperatures colder than they are now.
Image Source: Bajolle et al., 2019
Another new reconstruction of Arctic Canada temperatures cites 4 records indicating the Medieval Climate Anomoly (MCA) was about 1-2°C warmer than today (Tamo and Gajewski, 2019).
Image Source: Tamo and Gajewski, 2019
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