Consortium to advance-membrane technology for reduced carbon-capture costs

By Molly Burgess

GTI, The Ohio State University, Wyoming Integrated Test Centre (ITC), and Trimeric will advance Ohio State’s transformational membrane technology to provide reductions in CO2 capture cost and energy penalties.

Recently selected for a financial award, the project team will fabricate the membrane and membrane modules, design and build an engineering-scale CO2 capture system, conduct tests on coal flue gas, and gather data for further process scale-up.

The US Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory (DOE-NETL) is expected to provide $13m in funding for the $16.25m project, with partners contributing the additional financial support.

Titled Engineering Scale Design and Testing of Transformational Membrane Technology for CO2 Capture, the project seeks to achieve DOE’s carbon capture performance goal of CO2 capture with 95% CO2 purity at a cost of $30/tonne or less.

GTI and Ohio State will jointly lead the project, overseeing design and testing of the CO2 capture system. 

Don Stevenson, Vice-President of GTI Energy Supply and Conversion, said, “The right partnerships are critical to support key technology initiatives and bring high-impact results to market, and our project team will leverage each partner’s unique expertise with the combined technical capabilities, facilities, and funding to advance decarbonisation solutions.”

“This project will build on transformational membrane technology from Ohio State with GTI’s extensive experience in energy technology commercialisation and the design of engineering- and demonstration-scale carbon capture and utilisation systems.”

“Testing the system in real-world conditions of a functional coal-fired power plant at the ITC will provide important insights to validate the system in a relevant environment. This will represent a major step up in the technology’s readiness to reduce CO2 emissions from power production and provide clean and secure energy for the industrial sector as energy systems transition.” 

This article appeared on the GasWorld website at https://www.gasworld.com/consortium-to-advance-membrane-technology-for-reduced-carbon-capture-costs/2020122.article


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