Does the World Need Climate Insurance? The Best Scientific and Economic Evidence Says NO


This white paper summarizes the views of the CO2 Coalition, a new and independent non-profit organization that seeks to engage thought leaders, policy makers, and the public in an informed, dispassionate discussion of how our planet will be affected by carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

In our two previous white papers, Carbon Dioxide Benefits the World; See for Yourself and A Primer on Carbon Dioxide and Climate (both available at, the Coalition set forth the argument that additional CO2 emissions will be a net benefit, rather than a problem, for the world and explored the science behind the interaction between CO2 and climate.

Our third major report — A Climate Surprise, an account of our first national conference, in NYC, March 29, 2016 — offers added detail on issues such as the benefits to agriculture, along with climate economics and global temperature trends based upon the most reliable satellite instruments.

The present white paper is the first in a new ongoing series of special studies examining how CO2 helps our world now and in the future. This analysis considers a major question raised by many people: “If there is uncertainty about the impacts of more CO2 in the atmosphere, shouldn’t we buy insurance?”

Just as the Coalition has urged in all of its work, please read the assessment here and “see for yourself” what path you prefer.

Does the World Need Climate Insurance?